Red Cogbird, and Dude!

Well the first two chicks we got are eight weeks old,  We thought they were both Roosters! Guess we will have to call the black one Dudette, Red crowed the first time this morning and it was so funny.  He sounded like a kid when the voice starts changing.

Every morning first thing I get up get dressed and troop out to the chicken run to tell them Hello!  ( well sometimes I get dressed most times I’m in PJ’s and a Robe)  I’m thinking I may need to put a chair out there so I can have my coffee and read my morning text to them.

The other chicks have been introduced to Red and Dudette, and so far no problems at all.   The white ones are light Bramas and then there are the barred rocks, two dark bramas and two Rhode Island Reds.

I’ve been training the two oldest to roam out side the chicken run for short periods, I let them out in the morning and then right before sundown, they stay close to the coop.  As the others get bigger I will let them out also, I like them to have a bit of free range, so they can get bugs and eat up on some of the weeds etc.

We had a Big event here this week, our Rabbit Ebby had Kits.  She is such a good mom, they are fat little things.  I took a video of them to share.


I have to show you my Fodder system, I have it set up in a mini green house, I grow wheat to supplement the food for the rabbits, and the chicks.  Right now I have some red clover that is almost ready. Each day I water the trays three times, they were purchased at the dime store for a dollar each. Each tray has a zillion little holes drilled into the bottoms so the water drains to the tray under the top one.  I purchased a fourty lb bag of grain, that will grow so much fodder for the rabbits and chicks, of course they get all kinds of table scraps and I do give them none GMO feed so they are healthy.   We planted a chicken garden around the run, and four big buckets of carrots.

We want to be spending less on feed and get better eggs and meat. So for fifteen minutes in five minute increments I water the fodder, start soaking new seed and everyone’s happy.





I had to patch up my mini green house again, it is where I’ve set up my Fodder system, I took some pictures to share.