Little Rascals!

So we finally have finished the rabbit run, just in time for some much needed spring weather.  Ebby, Violet, and of course PeterOTool love it.  They each have a hutch with a totally fenced in area for them to play.  They love it, my heart skipped a beat when we let them out for the first time.  First thing PeterOTool did was breed those gal bunnies.    He was so funny as he mated which lasted all of 4 seconds he fell over like he had fainted.  I ran to the house to get my IPad to look up if he had some kind of heart attack or something.  As I got back to the pin he was up and at it again!   And then immediately fell over again.   I was really worried, until I read the. Blog on Pintrest about funny thing rabbits do.     I left them out for around a hour and went back to check on them.  eBay and Violet looked beat as PeterOTool chased them all over the pin.  So I decided to just put him in his hutch and let them rest and enjoy the pin. The gals at dusk had each gone into their hutches without me even telling them too.   The Funny things Rabbits DO!

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