Oh, yea! For Fodder



So I have a small green house outdoors, and have several pans of fodder out there for my ruffled headed bunnie runners, they love it,plus it doesn’t take much.  So I decided to experiment with starting it inside as sprouts.  This method works out great.  Ya know sprouts are the beginning steps of my fodder.  In the jars they seem to sprout better and faster. Then I just transfer them to a pan and start a new jar.  Easypesy.

So our little bunnies are great, I’m not up a tree I’m in a tree enjoying life.

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Three new chicks, we call them no names, because they are fryers. Unless we just fall in love with the little things they will be giving us fried chicken in around eight weeks!

One thought on “Oh, yea! For Fodder

  1. One thing I love about Victoria isthat when she sets her mind to do something spectacular she always gets it done…. She is the Best!


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